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L’union fait la force 
Strength Through Unity
                                                  January 1, 2013

Dear Friends,

hose residing in New Hampshire, Haiti and in all corners of the earth, faithful friends and supporters of HCCNH (Haitian Community Center of NH), tradition require that we feel happy to speak at this period marking the festivities of this joyful season and welcoming the New Year 2013. 

In truth, the heart is not there, because we cannot fully celebrate when we consider that we will be commemorating the third-year anniversary since our beloved country has been devastated by a cruel earthquake that virtually destroyed almost everything we had accomplished during the last two centuries. The heart is not content when we consider the many lives that were lost and the many displaced families struggling in inhumane conditions to this day in many corners of the Haiti. 

We remember the 27 precious lives that were so senselessly taken in the city of Newton, Connecticut last month. Our thoughts and prayers are with those dealing with these tremendous losses. The heart is not so happy when our sisters and brothers are suffering. 

May we be a little kinder, a little nicer, and more supportive and loving this coming Year. 

We wish you, your family and friends a healthy, peaceful and prosperous 2013.

Happy New Year! 

                                                   HCCNH President





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To strengthen the Haitian community in our state  while generating a positive impact through sharing and celebrating the Haitian culture/heritage.


Be a driving force in the advancement 
            of local immigrants 

               Be an active participant, encouraging
            progress within the greater community

               Be an advocate for cultural awareness


The Haitian Community Center of New Hampshire (HCCNH) is a non-profit, social and charitable organization of unlimited duration, apolitical founded in 1999 in the State of New Hampshire. Its main mission is to provide social support, create cultural awareness and provide aid to Haitian nationals and other immigrants to assist with their integration and development in the community.



   Samson Duclair, President

Board Members:

Samson Duclair


Rubin Lacombe


Magalie Felix

Board Member

Enock Jeantinor

Board  Member

Michelle Gosselin
Board Member

Yverson Alcide

Board Member

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